Thinking caps.

I was working away in the kitchen doing this and that, baking, cooking and cooling food for the freezer.

As I covered a bowl, I thought of my blogging friends….. wondering if they were out of their showers for the day.

Now what brought that to my mind?

At this stage regular readers will know I can have some very strange ideas. Today it was shower caps.

Do you have a shower cap? Is it clean?

I bought a pack of three shower caps the other day in one of the local budget shops that seem to be sprouting across the land. The budget shops and not the shower caps!

These handy shower caps never made it past the kitchen. I washed and dried them and left them to air for a day or two. Now I have a new use for them:

Shower caps to cover bowls

Shower caps to cover bowls



The shower caps make great covers for bowls while hot ingredients are cooling, or perhaps bread or pizza dough is raising. Flies may look, but not get near the food.



Do you have a second life for a gadget in the kitchen or other part of the house?

Want to share?

Pull up a chair


Any old chair

Any old chair


One of the displays at our coffee stop yesterday. In another section, there was a chair similar to the one above, filled with herbs.

A great way to fill a morning: Good coffee, a wide selection of food, great company and plenty of chat all before a wander through the displays and the gift shop.

The countryside as we travelled, looked really well, gracing fresh new greenery…. I love this time of year.

Pick and mix

I have been quiet for a while, but I am still alive and very much so. Things have been happening. Some good and some not so good.

This was the sky on Tuesday 5th May at 17:44, it makes it hard to believe it is nearly summer.


There was a birthday that I missed attending on Wednesday 6th May, it was a little too far away….  87 hours without traffic, otherwise it would take 89 hours (according to Google)! Mind you, this was beginning on the A26 and the journey would involve car transport, toll roads, include a ferry and have to cross through multiple countries. In other words a distance of 4,095 miles! Anyway, I had other plans that day.

A photo session with twenty questions!

Not that kind of photo session. I was allowed to keep my clothes on… so long as there were no buttons, zips or bits of metal. The pictures were rather revealing, in a good and not so good way. Livable with!

I made some discoveries. I lost and I gained. Twelve years ago, I discovered I was a full inch taller that I thought I was for all of my adult life. I was 170.5 cms, now I  have lost 1cm.

And the gain? I had put on weight. Middle age spread. Is it any wonder that gravity is winning the battle and pulling everything south! :( I was on the scales at 09:45.

I do know for a fact that at that very time, thirty seven years ago I weighed in at all of 130 lbs, by late afternoon, I was so much lighter (114.5 lbs) and had a bundle in my arms. That very bundle was now celebrating her birthday in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel.  She was working, but we did manage to speak by phone, and I was pleased to hear that her colleagues were taking her out for dinner.

No. I am not trying to hide the amount of weight that i gained in thirty seven years… I am all of 139 lbs today! Note to self: Avoid walking over grating incase I disappear! 😛

The following morning I was up and out early to do my duty and cast my vote. There was one other voter in the poling room and a couple joined us as I was adding my folded piece of paper with an X to the box. I turned to walk out of the room as the school bell rang for the normal start of the school day: 09:00. I walked home through the park, which I had to myself with the only sounds coming from the ducks.

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I do have a tip for you that I learned over the past few weeks

My last batch of antibiotics came in a bottle with a childproof lid. I am sure that every child would manage to open it unaided far faster then my aging hands with lack of grip. I am never stuck. living alone, I cannot afford to be stuck!

Nut cracker to open a pill pot

I used a nut cracker to grip the lid where it is meant to be squeased and turned the bottle with the other hand.

Today I had mail. A small package and the contents were described as ‘Flexible rubber, dimpled and ridged’ and there is a hole for a size guide! Now get your durty minds out of the gutter guys, I am talking about something very useful and simple.

Thanks to Kate I discovered an unusual kind of thimble. I asked her for details, and phoned around to see if I could get it locally. Alas no, I had to order it on line. For my sewing friends out there, I give details below. it feels really comfortable and I look forward to using it tomorrow.

Flexible thimble_1

Flexible thimble_1

flexible thimble_2

flexible thimble_2

Food Monday ~ Nana’s Barley Water

I was asked to share this recipe, I promised to do so last Monday, but alas, I missed the date.  I apologise for the delay.
Nana’s Barley Water
approx 2 litres

1 light cup Pearl barley –6 to 8 ounces
2 litres water, more or less depending on how thick you want it.
Juice of 1-2 lemons.
Honey or sugar, to taste*

Rinse barley. Put it in a large soup pot with the water.

Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and let simmer for at least an hour, until the grains are cooked and softened. Add more water if needed.

Strain the liquid and add honey/sugar and lemon, to taste. Cool refrigerate. Use within three to four days.

The finished drink will be cloudy and settle when stored in the fridge, Stir before pouring and drinking.

*Cranberry juice, can be used to flavour the Barley water.

NB: Avoid cranberry juice or extracts if you’re taking warfarin, Cranberry juice can make the effects of warfarin more potent, so there’s a risk of excessive bleeding.

Note: Mammy was known as Nana once the grandchildren arrived!

Art with my Needle ~ mellow yellow

Who remembers this:

Work in Progress

Making the base fabric

or this:

jacket front

jacket front

I wanted to gather and double the fabric at the back, to keep my back warm.

Could I make a butterfly pattern out of the gathers?

Could I make a butterfly pattern out of the gathers?

I got kinda stuck.

Life interfered.

The unfinished creation remained on the dress form for many a month. The fabric was proving too soft for the effect I wanted, so it was a case of getting back to the drawing board once more.

I unpicked my surface stitches until I was back to the knitted fabric. Turning it around so that the pattern was vertical, I doubled it and remade the basic shape once more. The front is now similar, but the back has lost all the extra bulk.

I extended the sleeves while I was in sick-bay, ripping out the the same piece three times!

Now it looks like this:

Jacket back view

Jacket back view

jacket side view

jacket side view

Jacket front

Jacket front

I am not sure about the double buttons… I may remove one and make a finer loop. I still have plenty of yarn

Left over yarn

Left over yarn

Now I wonder what I can make with that?


I’m back!

I have been absent for a week, but it was certainly no holiday. Thank you for your patience with this old patient!

For the first time in sixty eight years I was floored by a problem with the waterworks. My waterworks (UTI).

I was as limp as a wet lettuce, with no interest in blogging or reading anything. The words went in and got lost in the cotton wool of my brain. My energy levels went out the window and all I wanted to do was sleep.

Did I have a temperature? Yes but not in the way you would expect it was 33°C. 35°C would be normal for me, I am the original ice maiden. 37°C is the recognised normal body temperature. Not wanting to go down the antibiotics route, I decided to go for the old home remedies.

Cranberry juice and mammy’s barley water. I know that cranberry Juice is a No-No for anyone on Warfarin, thankfully that is not one of my meds, but I am on a blood thinning drug so still need to be careful.

A glass of cranberry juice was followed by another of boiled water.

I tried to distract myself with an unfinished knitting project. I had to rip out the same piece three times! 😡 Eventually I have finished it, so maybe I will post about it on Wednesday.  :)

I noticed an improvement yesterday and today.


Maybe by mid week, I’ll be in form to venture out for a walk or a coffee.

I had some surprises in the past few days…

For the first time in thirty seven years of living in this house, I had not one, but two actual candidates for the Westminster Election on 7th May, ring my door bell and…….

Speak to me!