My Sleeping Partner

I came too slowly, realising that I was not alone in the bed. Mmmm… It has been a long time since I awoke to having my face stroked. I opened my eyes and there he was scurrying away from me, surely I don’t look that bad when I first wake in the morning?

Now wait a minute, you don’t fondle me in my own bed and then make a run for it. I want evidence!
Where is the camera when you need it? Right young man, come out from your hiding place and face the music. Got you, a real beauty!

Do you think I should tell my daughter?





13 thoughts on “My Sleeping Partner

  1. George

    He Hee! Not about the spider but Elly’s expression, after reading the first line 🙂 She couldn’t bring herself to read the rest but I did 😉 Fantastic reading, keep it up

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  3. baino

    Ah! girly spider . . . (sound tough don’t I?) I hate the things but I have become used to them. Its the ones I can hear walking that really scare me.

  4. K8

    Not sharing your bed with anything with more than two legs is racist 🙂
    You know, squeamish as I am, I can handle all these photos of spiders… it’s when Baino comes along and reminds me of the really big lads, I get serious heebie-jeebies! All I can hear are fluffy spider footsteps now. Bleaurgh.

  5. Tinkstheminks

    Are you sure he was running away?
    Maybe he was just going to put the coffee on and make you a cooked breakfast!
    Tinks x


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