Daily Archives: January 13, 2007

Doing my Homework

Yesterday I had some trouble uploading, embedding or whatever the term is when I want to add an Audio Post to my Blog. I am not so sure that it was my entire fault. Google and Firefox were both misbehaving at the time. In frustration I closed down and went to do some manual work in the kitchen. A good wholesome dinner was what I needed to give me the energy to tackle the problem.

Later I had a ‘tekki’ lesson over the phone from ‘Prof Elly’- daughters do have their uses. I suppose it was part payment for the Tee-shirt. Someone at Barcamp South East might let me know!

Now back to this problem of mine. Elly talked me through the steps and they were exactly the ones I had taken earlier, maybe ‘Google’ had eaten dinner and decided to work properly, because everything went as it should and I was able to embed my Audio Post. Now when I get ‘Prof Elly’ on the phone I try to have all my computer problems solved in one session. Somehow in the past few weeks I had lost the ‘Google Reader Subscribe’ tab. This led me to bookmark items and then not be able to find where they had hidden. We played hide and seek and I learned yet again to highlight, drag, hover and drop. Now I have added some sites I use frequently in my toolbar.

My final request was for a magic formula. If I wanted to make reference to another Blog or web site what did I need to do so that the site name appeared in a different colour and underlined allowing readers to link directly to it? I discovered I needed to learn this formula when one day I made reference to Nelly’s Garden. Nelly adds a smile to my face on many a bleak day. Keep up the good work girl.

If I have listened to my teacher and remembered all she told me this post might have some links for you. Maybe if I keep up the good work I might even warrant a mention in the 2008 Irish Blog Awards! I would need to buck up and post on a more regular basis for that. Good luck to all those entered and especially those I have nominated.