The ‘O’ is cancelled.

In a month or two I am due to have a birthday. It is one of those Landmark ones. In other words if I wanted to have lighted candles on the cake I would need to notify and book the Fire Service in advance. Thankfully that won’t happen. How do I know? Well I have informed Elly that I do not want a party and if she tries to surprise me with one, I will turn on my heel and run like the clappers!

I am saved by the bell. Here in the U.K. new anti-age discrimination legislation came into force at the end of 2006. So it will be an offence for anyone to mention or make reference to my advancing years. But I still have the problem of ‘every picture telling its story’. Now that the Avon ‘face lift’ cream advert has been banned I will really have to depend on Grandad for his sand-blasting.

Elly did come up with a solution for me after a visit to her ‘French Mother’ a couple of years ago. They had decided that all the sagging and lines were caused by gravity. “Walk around on your hands for two or three hours a day, and Bob’s your Uncle!” she said. Now I am not sure about having Bob for my uncle, never mind walking around on my hands looking at and being in close proximity to sweaty feet.

But wait a minute! I think I have found the answer. I will stroll around with a great big dirty grim on my face and passers by will be so busy wondering what I have been up to, they will not notice the effects of age!

And before you ask, I have no intention of telling anyone what I get up to!!

4 thoughts on “The ‘O’ is cancelled.

  1. ellybabes

    If you don’t tell us what you’re up to, we’ll just use our imaginations… and who knows what rumors might start then….

  2. Grandad

    Congratulations on the forthcoming…..

    That trick of the grin is a good one. I use it myself. But be careful not to overdo it – you might find those nasty men in white coats lurking around the corner.


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