Don’t forget the Mouse

What have all the following got in common?

Their common factor might be surprising and horrifying!

Thankfully I was finished my lunch when I caught up with an article from Wired Blog Network

London, UK (PRWeb) January 18, 2007 — Mobile mad Brits are in for a shock thanks to new research published today which reveals that there’s actually more filth on our phones than the average loo.

Mobile phone retailer Dial-a-Phone conducted the study taking swabs from everyday objects and analyzing the bacteria found on them. The shocking results found that there’s more muck on our mobiles than the average door handle, keyboard, and bottom of a shoe or even a toilet seat.

The study found that without cleaning and disinfecting your mobile phone and keyboard on a regular basis, more bacteria could spread potentially causing illness.

The research confirmed the presence of skin bacteria including staphylococcus aureus on the phone, keyboard, toilet seat and door handle. The shoe in contrast had bacteria from the soil and air.

Joanne Verran, Professor of Microbiology at Manchester Metropolitan University comments: “Mobile phones, like many everyday objects such a telephones and computer keyboards, harbor bacteria. However, being ‘mobile’, they are stored in bags or pockets, are handled frequently, and held close to the face. In other words, they come into contact with more parts of our body and a wider range of bacteria than toilet seats!”

“The phones contained more skin bacteria than the any other object; this could be due to the fact that this type of bacteria increases in high temperatures and our phones are perfect for breeding these germs as they’re kept warm and cozy in our pockets, handbags and brief cases. These bacteria are toxic to humans, and can cause infections if they have the opportunity to enter the body.”

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  1. grannymar

    Providing wipes has been tried before but they do not work lying in the stationery cupboard.

    Can you invent anti apathy wipes?


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