Used, abused and….

Way back last year, well not really that long ago I was asked a favour…

You know the kind of thing, three minutes before leaving for school you hear “Oh by the way mum I need £50 for the school trip”, or “a new Badminton racquet” or “my shoes are letting in rain”. How come you are never told the evening before when there is a chance of doing something about the situation? No, it has to be on the doorstep on the way out to school. Nobody ever tells you that motherhood involves being a magician.It is one of those things that are never mentioned.

Well that is how I felt last September when my Elly phoned to say “Mum I need a favour!” She was no longer at school, she had stopped the Badminton and she could afford to buy her own shoes. What on earth could it be? Those of you who have followed my Blog from the beginning will remember that I was to be her ‘case study’ or as I called it ‘guinea pig’ in teaching Granny Pod-casting. A topic she had agreed to speak on at the ‘Barcamp’ in Cork

We began with a lesson on how to set up a Blog site. Well to be exact she sent me several links for subjects to read and places to experiment with, so that I could get started. I chose my template, fonts; colours etc. and Elly later ‘tweaked’ things a little to make it more inviting for anyone who might come across it by accident.

Since her topic was Pod-casting I had to learn how to do that as well. I liked to idea of a Pod-cast as it hid my awful grammar and bad spelling. I found it easier to prepare and type out a piece on my chosen subject and then read it to an imagined audience.

I seem to have flapped about like a non swimmer in a choppy sea between the Blog and the Pod-casts. My subject matter has also seemed ‘Mixed Middling like Hafner’s Pudding’ as my Grandmother used to say. I suppose I have not found a theme for my Blog and have no idea if this is off putting for any readers/listeners out there.

My biggest surprise is that Elly who got me started and my future Son-in-law both experienced Bloggers have not yet as far as I know made a Pod-cast. Why I ask, what are they frightened of? If I can do it why can’t they? I am a great believer in not asking someone to do something that you are not prepared to do yourself.

Come on you two there is nothing to it!

P.S. This was supposed to be a Podcast but Odeo had other ideas!

A penny for your thoughts...