It’s a Secret

This is still very hush-hush!You must not tell anybody because it is MY secret.

Grandad really, reeeeeeally loves me! How do I know? He has made a proposal. Now you are to say nothing, because ‘herself’ doesn’t know about it yet. He is waiting for the right moment to tell her!

Well the proposal is that I can become a partner in his Web Design Company. Grandad wants me to give him €5,000 deposit as a sign of good faith.The problem is that he wants the money by this time tomorrow.

I suppose I could borrow from Elly’s inheritance. Sure she won’t need it for awhile. By the time she does it will surely have doubled if not trebled or quadrupled. I better check to see how much I have in the mattress.

This is all a bit complicated because he wants me to send it by Brown email. I have looked at my computer on the front, the back and all sides but there is no slot to put the money in. Can anyone help me?

Grandad says it must be a Brown email because he wants to lodge it in his off-shore account…

Now where did he say the account was? Oh yes! Now I remember it is on The Blasket Islands.

Now not a word about this until we find a way to tell ‘herself’ and Elly!

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