I’m going to Halt Global warming!

I have counted my light bulbs.There are 27 of varying types in the house, but don’t forget about the one in the garage, so that makes a total of 28.We are told “Energy saver bulbs typically use around 80% less electricity than normal incandescent bulbs”. They cost a bit more than ordinary light bulbs (about £3.50 each) but they last 12 times longer and could save up to £9 on my annual electricity bill or £100 over the bulb’s lifetime!So making this effort will really make a difference! 😉 I can feel justifiably proud of myself. 😀

About six years ago I changed the light fittings in my living room.The central light had three bulbs.One of these bulbs had lasted since the house was built. I know this because it had become completely soldered into the fitting.That means that particular bulb worked for 30 years. So if the new bulbs last 12 times longer I should not have to replace them again for 360 years! I hope I live long enough to find out. 😉

A high powered flashy car has raced passed my window … Now that makes me think….

Today, the average new car has some 14,000 to 15,000 parts and accessories. These parts must fit and work together.They are made by many different companies, in different countries.The workshops are all hi-tech nowadays with robots doing the work of several men. While in the past men used blood, sweat and tears to build the parts and the cars, the robots use electricity. Much more than my measly 28 bulbs worth!

Cars come in all the colours of the rainbow. When finished they have a high gloss shine. How many coats of paint does it take to achieve this effect? The paint is not applied by paint brush, oh no, it is machines yet again doing the work. The fumes given off while one car is sprayed, would I am sure, cause more pollution than my bulbs. Is such a high shine necessary?Travel around Dublin or any city and you will observe many cars that have never been washed since they left the showroom.

New cars are designed to travel faster than all legal speed limits. The higher the speed the more fuel used. I would imagine the faster they travel the more wear and tear on the roads. How do they make the tarmac type surface for the roads? I am sure it causes yet more pollution.

I am not anti motorcar I have taken it as an example. I do drive and own a car. At times it means the difference in my being able to get out and about or being trapped indoor for days on end. I live on a hill and walking down to the town is fine, but walking back up again with shopping is a no-no. For me a car is a necessity and not a luxury.

I suppose if I gave up eating, drinking water and washing my clothes and sat in the dasrk, I might save the world!

A penny for your thoughts...