Would you like a Bar of Soap?

I have this toilet soap and I am not sure what to do with it.

Having soap is not unusual for me. It is a habit I learned from my mother. She bought loads of Lux Toilet Soap and some carbolic soap as well with the weekly shopping. The carbolic soap had a horrible smell and it was always in the soap dish on the kitchen windowsill beside the sink. I tried not to use it. It was OK for my smelly brothers to use it, after all ‘boys’ are smelly anyway, especially when they wear corduroy short trousers!

The Lux bars of soap were the large bath size and we never ran short of them.This was because my mother was a great believer in “getting another couple just in case…” The spare bars had the covering removed and were then placed in the Tallboy among the ‘in case’ towels, nightwear and her underwear. I soon learned to go to the Tallboy if a replacement was required in the bathroom. I would rummage about until I found one and that was that.

I needed a new bar of soap today and so I went to my store cupboard to get it from the multi-pack I had there. For some reason I turned the pack over and you will never guess what I saw? A sell-by date! On soap?

Yes it said Best Before: 05-07.Now since when did this happen? I have enough soap to do me until Christmas. Will it wash me in June, July etc.? Elly will have more than fireworks (See yesterdays post) if I turn up dirty and smelly at the wedding.

As I tidied around I saw the box of tissues beside my bed was empty so back I go to the store cupboard for a full one. Lo and Behold! On the back of it I find yet again it has a Best Before date. How can tissues go out of date? Will they Biodegrade before I wipe my snitcher?

I have discovered a mark on the bottom of my foot. I was never any good at Yoga so it is not easy to see it properly. If I squint at it, I think it looks like BB and then very blurred numbers…. Oh Dear!

A penny for your thoughts...