My Escort

Since my Truelove Grandad lives half way up a mountain and refuses to come down and escort me to the Awards Ceremony, I have the problem of finding a suitable alternative.

It will have to be a Toyboy!

Now how should I go about this?

He must be tall, slim and strong with a few soft parts!

Now where will I start? No time for Speed-dating.

Yipee! I found him.

He is a Cork Man. Hope you approve!

Grannymar’s Escort

2 thoughts on “My Escort

  1. cork-host

    If you really need a Cork boy… I shall be there. Be warned, some parts are a bit too soft. Like my head.

  2. grannymar

    Thank you CH, but with the one in the picture I can use, abuse and cast him aside without hurting his feelings!

    With so many people to meet, 3rd March should prove to be a good night.


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