I am a lurker!

I suppose you might call me a Reader / Commenter of many Blog sites these days.

Some I try once and never return, while others are now part of my daily diet.

On one of these visits I discovered a Blog spot offering ‘Feed Burner’ prizes. Paul Brown over at Technology in plain English is the kind man offering these gifts; we will draw a blank over his claim that I propositioned him on a train. J

If I have any readers out there who would like to be entered into a draw for a Feed Burner then now is your chance. Don’t go looking for a feed burner on my site as I am not that advanced and consider myself on the nursery slopes of blogging!

“So what do you need to do”? I hear you ask. The answer is very easy just leave a comment on this blogpost sometime on Tuesday 27th Feb. You will need to leave your name , email (hidden) and say that you were sent by oldbones1909.blogspot.com (That’s me Grannymar)

You will find it all explained in more detail on this blogpost: ‘Free Feedburner gear to giveaway on your blog‘.

You know what they say, “If you are not in you can’t win!”

Go on, go on, you know you want to!

4 thoughts on “I am a lurker!

  1. Brianf

    I am a lurker also. This has become one of my favorite sites to visit. I truely enjoy your writings and really enjoy listening to your podcasting. Thank you for brightening my day.

  2. grannymar

    Thank you, brianf. I write and talk about whatever comes into my head, never sure how it will be received.

    Unfortunately there are days when inspiration evaded me altogether. It does help to know there are people out there reading and listening.

  3. Paul Browne

    Thanks for the link , apologies for any confusion over your identity, and good to finally meet you at the Blog Awards.


  4. grannymar

    Paul Saturday was a really good night and it was great to meet my fellow bloggers.

    Normal service will resume when or if I return home later in the week! 😉


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