Daily Archives: March 4, 2007

The Morning After

Well I have been there done that and survived my first Irish Blog Awards. It was wonderful to meet so many of my fellow Bloggers and Pod-casters. We met and sat with the ‘Beautiful People from beaut.ie, well done and well deserved to win so many categories.

Bernie Goldbach you are a man after my own heart, what a wonderful gesture to hand your Award for Best Contribution for the Irish Blogosphere to Damien Mulley the Brains behind the event! The Standing Ovation for Damien showed that all present were in agreement with you!

I got to meet ‘Twenty!!!!

He really does exist. He shook my hand, didn’t use an ‘F’ or a ‘C’ word once while talking to me. Maybe that was because I had told him I don’t like them. Mind you he may change his mind when he sobers up and starts to Blog!

To all those who said nice things to and about me, to Elly for the eye makeup, Sin-in-Law for driving us on the night there and back (even through the RED lights) I say a Big Thank You! It was well worth travelling down to Dublin.

Normal service will resume when I get home and that might be midweek.