The experience counts

When you get to my age, plenty of water has passed under the bridge.

Pity I can’t remember any of it!

8 thoughts on “The experience counts

  1. Grandad

    Happy Birthday Grannymar!!

    And thank you for reminding me of the days when family affection and tradition were more important than materialism and “Keeping Up With The Jones'”

    And I forgive you for your misguided loyalty…… 😉

  2. grannymar

    Thank you kind Sir!

    I was hoping for a quiet day today. The phone, texts and Skype have other ideas…

  3. grannymar

    But then I wouldn’t know if people love me…

    And the family might cut me off altogether. They are an ODD lot you know! Not at all like me! 🙂

  4. Nancy

    Hello Grannymar,

    Happy Birthday from your friend in Florida.
    I used to have birthdays like yours and look back on them with great longing rather than regret.
    I can hear the same sentiment in your voice now, so I know they were happy times for you,too.
    Many more, Grannymar!!!!!

  5. grannymar

    Thank You Nancy

    There was a lot to be said for the simple life.
    Mind you I still like my modern conveniences e.g. central heating, electric showers and modern washing machines… I feel an idea coming on for another Podcast.

  6. Nancy


    Speaking of birthdays:

    I knew I was getting old when I looked down into my shopping cart one day and everything I was buying said “FOR FAST RELIEF OF”



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