My New Best Friend

That Grandad fella is very fickle he has more girlfriends than a sieve has holes! I can see why Granny left him for a while. I hope he learned his lesson. Fame does that sometimes. The vanity of him putting boot polish on his hair. He should have used this:

His hair would stay in place and shine like the paint on a sh*t house door on a frosty morning! Serve him right if it never came off! He is no oil painting you know, so she can leave him at home.

Now that Granny doesn’t have all her sorrows to seek, living half way up a mountain no running water with only sheep for neighbours. I have decided to let her be my new best friend. She wants to come and stay with me for a little holiday. Sure that would be a great idea we can sit and have a good old chat.

2 thoughts on “My New Best Friend

  1. Granny

    You shouldn’t have posted that. Now I have to change my thermal knickers again…

    We just had a call from Offspring. Apparently the wheel has fallen off the bike again, so we may have to postpone the dinner.

  2. grannymar

    Oh don’t worry next week will do! I have work to be getting on with.

    Hope the Offspring is not hurt. Was she on the bike when the wheel came off?

    Grandad will have to fill in the potholes in the lane.


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