My Sewing Box

Where did you put it?  I cannot find it.

This was originally a free online Podscast, since expired and deleted.

It was based on the contents of my sewing box.  Some items were a little unusual for any kind of needlework, but all used by me at some stage.

How or why the old tuning Fork that belonged to my late aunt, managed to find its way in there, escapes me.

Perhaps one day (now January 2012) I will revisit the subject.

2 thoughts on “My Sewing Box

  1. Brianf

    Hi Grannymar,
    I really liked this installment. My Mom passed away about a year ago and I have her sewing box. It’s a round tin box with an Amish hex sign on it. The one thing I was hopeing you would have mentioned is the bulbous thing I have which is used to darn a sock. It has a loop on the end of it so you can hold on to it and my Mom use to use it to repair our socks (all 7 of us). Do people still darn socks?

  2. grannymar

    Brian I am pleased that you enjoyed this Podcast and that it brought back good memories. Your mom’s box sounds a real treasure. I mentioned darning socks in a previous Podcast back on 2nd December 2006, I headed it: ‘It’s not what you say; it’s the way that you say it!’

    Nobody bothers to darn socks nowadays but who knows they might be next years top fashion item! Don’t laugh, over the past few years we have had torn or slashed clothes, seams on the outside and even underwear worn over the top of clothing!


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