Daily Archives: April 5, 2007

Little Treasures

In a comment to my latest Podcast about my Sewing Box, Brianf mentioned ‘a round tin box with an Amish hex sign on it.’ It was where his late mother kept all her sewing needs. One item he had fond memories of was a Darning Ball or Egg.

Typically, darners were in the shape of an egg with an attached handle and were quite handy for darning socks at the heel. Most were made of wood, but more expensive models were made of silver with ivory handles.

It must be about 40 years since I heard of anyone taking time to darn socks, but who knows they might be next years top fashion item! Don’t laugh, over the past few years we have had torn or slashed clothes, seams on the outside and even underwear worn over the top of clothing!

Brianf’s comment made me think of some little items I have collected over the years and consider to be my treasures. None of them are of any great material value but when I handle them they bring the previous owner a little closer to me.

A silver spirit level which measures 3” long in old money, but for the young folk out there who never used inches lets say it is 7.5cms long. This object belonged to my late husband and was well used over the years. I keep it to hand and still make use of it.

Next I have a ladies Mother of Pearl penknife. Compared to penknives today it is rather ancient. It has two simple blades and that’s it. I sometimes carry this in my handbag it comes in handy for peeling fruit.

A Tuning Fork that belonged to my father’s eldest sister. She was a Primary School Teacher and the lady who gave me my love for sewing. I might talk more about her in a blog someday.

Going the full circle I come back to the sewing theme. I have a wooden spool from Leek in Staffordshire, England. These early spools were refillable. You sent back the empty spools and paid the fee to have a new supply of thread.

Now what do you consider to be your special treasures?