This morning I read a post by Primal Sneeze about codes, passwords and pin numbers. I well know his frustration. All this learning numbers and eating the paper they are written on has given me an ulcer never mind indigestion!

I have decided against all the advice I have received over the years to share my pins with the whole world!

Please use them with care.

9 thoughts on “Pins

  1. Dario Sanchez

    Is that the face of Christ in pins??

    Hell, if he can appear on spuds and tortillas, he can appear in pins too.

  2. grannymar

    @Dario – The only vision in this house is Yours truly!

    @Grandad – That’s the second time you have taken all my savings. K8 has a point we might be better off without MEN! Wonder what Herself thinks?

  3. Nancita

    Buenes Dias, Senora

    Greeting from Mexico City. We are sitting here drinking margaritas and listening to a mariachi band play “La Cucaracha”. How can we afford this? We,(my boy toy and I ) can’t afford it. YOU are paying and we thank you very much for giving us all your PIN numbers today.


  4. Primal Sneeze

    Ah, so that’s what they mean by pin-ups. I thought it was all about Farah Fawcett. (Know my age now, don’t ya).

  5. grannymar

    Hello PS

    Farah Fawcett, did she have long blond curls?

    If so you must be at least as old as me!

  6. Nancita

    “Nancita you must stick the pins in the correct places for them to work”

    WHERE? WHERE? Help me here, the boy toy is getting restless.


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