Now Grandad has the crazy idea of climbing up Everest. Little does he know how long an expedition like that will take, there are the months of preparation and then all that sitting around waiting for the clouds to clear…

Granny certainly needs the break so the longer it takes the more rest she will get.

Now I have an idea…

She and I might take a trip in the other direction well out of harms way.

We will go to Canada. It is a great big place with plenty of wide open spaces. There are plenty of Mountains and ‘Mounties’ to explore…

We might take that train journey from one coast to the other. When we have had enough of the scenery we might meet up with ‘The Raging Grannies’. They have branches all over the place. In fact we might learn some of their songs and start up our own branch in Ireland when we get back.

7 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Dario Sanchez

    For things olike that, you really need motorbikes. You could be, I don’t know, the Hell’s Grannies or something like that.

  2. grannymar

    One step at a time please.

    I was on the back of a motorbike a couple of years ago. Best part was holding tight to the leathers of my driver 😉

    I will stick with travelling in my tin can thank you.

  3. Grandad

    Will you ever stop making trouble?

    What’s all this rubbish about months of planning? It’s only a round trip of 12 miles. I estimate about five hours, though we may stop to enjoy the view, so say six hours in total….

    You are determined to split us up for some reason. Stoppit.

  4. Nancy


    The picture of the Mounties took me back many years to the Saturday matinees of my youth.
    For the price of admission (11 cents) you could see and hear Nelson Eddy sing to Jeannette McDonald


    The picture was “Rose Marie” and Nelson was a Mountie and he loved Jeannette and she loved him ,too so she sang back


    Oh, I hope if you and Granny go to Canada you get to meet a Mountie as handsome as Nelson Eddy.

    Speaking of Travel, Is the cruise off???

  5. grannymar

    Nancy I thought that Nelson Eddy sang to Jeannette McDonald looking over her shoulder and not into her eyes.

    Not sure about the cruise, we will have to talk to Granny!

  6. shae

    Actually the Mounties are even more handsome than Nelson Eddy these days…you must come to Canada and visit.

    Came across your site and thought you might be interested in our group blog over at It’s all about what we can do and who we can be as we grow older.

    Happy travels!


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