My Poor Chickens!

Today is not a good day in ‘Lover’s Leap’. In fact it has not proved to be a good week at all. Last Friday my Elly returned from a working week in Israel. She phoned me from Dublin Airport as she waited for her baggage to come through. She always checks in like this a) to see if it is time to claim her inheritance or b) to let me know she has landed safely. We talked until I heard the baggage carousel start up and I let her go to concentrate on that. A little while later I had a text from her to say the case had not come home.

Saturday she was involved at Barcamp Dublin, another long and busy day. The suitcase was delivered on Sunday mid morning so all seemed well.

Monday and Tuesday were spent playing catch up at work while sorting her paperwork for the Visa, and vaccinations required for the next trip in May, which is to Vietnam with a stop off for two weeks on the way in Arizona. Taking the westward route she should come right round the world, passing the date line for the first time and cover 20,800 miles of flying.

Her visit to the Post Office was slow and tedious but the Passport and paperwork were eventually sent on their merry way to London for the Visa Stamp. She returned to her car to discover a parking ticket on the wind-shield.

Wednesday dawned and the effects of the Vaccinations hit home and she was suffering from a sore arm and rear end! At lunch time a young man decided to be friendly with my Sin-in-Law, far too friendly! He ‘rear ended him’; I think that is the term. The car is a mess I believe. ‘S-i-L’ thought he was un-damaged so did not take my advice and go to his doctor.

This morning ‘S-i-L’ had a very sore neck and Elly’s rear end was swollen, sore and not allowing her to sit down. They both headed to see the doctor and were given medication and told to take it easy today and not to try working.

While I spoke to Elly on the phone this morning she was pacing up and down, ‘S-i-L’ put out his hand to touch her as she passed – to give her a sign of comfort. His hand was about 2” from her bottom when she gave him a ‘Moses’ look, like the look Moses used to part the Red Sea. When Elly does that you BACK OFF!

Tonight they are a little better and the wedding is going ahead!

Get well soon, I love you both!

8 thoughts on “My Poor Chickens!

  1. Nancy


    I’m happy that things are getting sorted out for Elly and SIL. They certainly lead an exciting life! Good for them. Elly must be very important to her company to be the one selected to represent them all over the World.
    Elly,I know the shots are an inconvenience but the alternative can be tragic. So, rub your sore backside and count your blessings that you won’t be coming home with some awful disease.
    Happy Wedding Planning.

  2. grannymar

    Nancy, the modern workplace means that the Laptop is your office, have laptop and cell phone and you can work anywhere.

    Elly thrives on the challenge of her work and loves the travel. She draws people around her like pins to a magnet, a gift she inherited from her Dad!

  3. grannymar

    It is nice to know my voice was missed.

    I have been concentrating on Wedding stuff for Elly and getting my outfit sorted. It has taken over for a short while.

    I realised the other day that I missed the podcasting as well. Give me another week and I might have some more time to resolve things.

    Don’t give up on me yet!

  4. Nancy


    Stick to your wedding arrangements, we will wait for your podcast. It will be worth waiting for.


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