Daily Archives: May 9, 2007

Gentlemen can I have your attention….

On Friday I got a letter. By now you all know how I love to receive letters.

This one was from my local health Centre. It was a reminder that it was time to have a routine test.

Yes the time has come round again to have THAT test. Let me just say it is probably the one we women most dislike – a smear test. The fact that it can save lives does little about how we feel about it. It is silly you know as it only takes a few minutes. Nowadays we are no longer asked to put our legs up in stirrups and told to relax as a doctor (in the past it was usually a man with a gruff manner) approached with a hunk of cold steel! You get the picture.

I always found the Mammogram test just as uncomfortable as a smear test. It is like having a Boob squashed in a vice first horizontally, and then vertically. It was made worse when I realised that nowadays it is the only time someone will ask me to appear topless on film.

Today I had to smile: “Why”? I hear you ask. Well they have found a test for the men in our lives. It only takes a minute and it could save your life, no need to be squeamish…..