Thank you for informing us….

Noon today and I am beginning to think of what to make for lunch.On the way to the kitchen I hear a familiar clatter in the hall. Ah! The postman, now I wonder what delights he has brought me today.

This one I want to share with you.

I have not had a television for the past 8 years. The Licensing people KNOW that because they pestered me with letters a number of years ago. Eventually a representative called and since he recognised me as I did him, he agreed that I was telling the truth.

He actually declined my invitation to come into and inspect my home for a television.

About two years ago more letters arrived and at that point I filed them in the shredding machine.

So here we go again…

I find the letter very amusing for several reasons.

  1. The first line is a lie – I have not been in touch with them recently.
  2. we find that 50% of people do need a licence” – which 50%, top or bottom half? 😉
  3. They check in case I have moved – If I had moved I would not be reading this letter.

Have I moved?Am I still Grannymar?

Do they still make black & white televisions?

3 thoughts on “Thank you for informing us….

  1. Dario Sanchez

    TV licences – right up there with the Eurovision on my list of ridiculous shite that will be eradicated once – I mean if – I seize power …

  2. Betty

    The gall of those people! Do you really have to have a license to own a tv? Then, do you pay a monthly fee for your cable, or whatever you use?

  3. Nancy

    I had a friend who was a pilot for British Airways, stationed in Northern Scotland. His route for BA took him to all the remote islands in the area. He would wait until he had a flight to the Shetland or Orkney Islands and would buy his TV license there.The local TV licensing people were driven mad trying to figure out if he had a current license,because he never would tell them where he purchased it and they knew he did not buy it locally. It was a great game with him. Matching wits with the TV police!!!


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