Daily Archives: May 13, 2007

I thought you had moved

This afternoon I met an acquaintance that I had not seen for months. His greeting was “I thought you had moved” The tone was almost as if he had said “Why are you still here”!

As I went on my way I tossed this over in my mind.

Was it time to really think of starting over somewhere else? If I did move where would I think of moving to? Dublin is not the place I left 30 years ago. I still have family and friends there but they, like me have moved on and have their own commitments and interests to fill their time. Would I see them any more than I do while living here in Northern Ireland?

It is not something to be hasty about so I will sleep on the matter and perhaps some suggestions from my blogging friends might throw some light on this situation.

Thank you for informing us…. 2

This is in reply to the comments on my last post.

Dario please hurry up and sort the world out.

Betty we need a licence for a TV and another one if we have a dog, but none for a cat, a rabbit or a baby! The world is crazy…

We have no cable TV where I live and would need something like this on the roof.

I know that in Dublin where Elly lives they have a provider of cable that covers the phone, internet and TV connection. Mind you the phone line is dreadful in my opinion. That is unless they jink it on purpose to get me off the line quickly. 😉

Nancy that pilot sounds like a guy I knew in the USAF.