Life on the Bench

Relax I have not received, or for that matter am not likely to receive, an invitation to join those on the Birthday Honours list. So a future of snoozing of an afternoon on the leather benches in the House of Lords is not for me.

I am referring to a different type of bench.

According to an article in the Daily Mail today mobile phone users in a remote Devon village have literally worn-out a wooden bench on the village green because standing on it is the only way they can get a signal.

Now parish chiefs are building a special “phone throne” for villagers to climb onto so they can make mobile telephone calls.

Now that might be the place to set up residence.

  • Peaceful shops and restaurants….

  • Drivers with both hands on the steering wheel and full concentration on driving…

  • A perfect excuse not to answer my mobile.

12 thoughts on “Life on the Bench

  1. grannymar

    Yes Conor

    We talked over on Grandad’s Head Rambles, last week about Greenacres a programme on TV in the 60’s.

    In it the characters had to climb the pole outside the window to make a phonecall.

    Now we seem to be going back to those days!

  2. Wisewebwoman

    It reminds me of the times I used to stay on an island off the coast of West Cork. When the mobile rang faintly we would grab it and race out of the house and up a small hill and scream into it. It was very hit or miss, depending on the way the wind blew. Like the tin cans and string we used to have as kids.
    Love your blog…

  3. grannymar

    Welcome Wisewebwoman,

    Life was simple when the phone stayed put and you had to sit on the stairs for comfort!

  4. Grandad

    You don’t have to move to Devon, Grannymar. Just move up the road to Ballintoy.

    Unless things have changed in the last 18 months, the only place you can get a signal there is out on the road to the west of the village.

    Or in the attic of the house we stayed in.

  5. grannymar

    Ballintoy sounds very inviting this afternoon.

    I went to Belfast this morning but got stuck in traffic due to an accident further down the motorway.

    The only vehicles moving were for the emergency services and they tore along the hard shoulder.

    I consoled myself in that although I was stationery, I was alive and well.

  6. Conortje

    oh Green Acres is one of my all time favourite theme tunes! Must go and look it up again.

  7. K8

    The only place you can get a signal in our house is in the ‘phonebox’ which is the bay window of the sitting-room. It’s great… if you want to ditch the caller, you just walk into the kitchen! No need to make fake YOU’RE BREAKING UP! CHHHTCHH WHAT? FFTSHSHT noises.

  8. Dario Sanchez

    I wish I lived in the Jamaica out of the Malibu ads, where there aren’t an mobile phones.


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