Daily Archives: June 4, 2007

Relationships and Death

Ann over at For the Long Run has written a wonderful post this morning with food for thought for all of us. You will find Last Impressions a wonderful lesson

I also found Staying too long has another angle on the same topics.

I asked on Tuesday 8 May 2007 “How long would the smiles last?”, when we saw the wonderful pictures taken the day Devolution was restored to the Northern Ireland Assembly following the election of the four-party Executive of 12 ministers. All considered good news and reason for the smiles.

An item in Breaking News.ie today caught my eye. It proves my point that there is still an undercurrent of unrest going on. The article tells of a Bomb found on Belfast housing estate.

The crude but viable device was discovered at a British Telecom junction box on the Primrose Hill estate off Belfast’s Saintfield Road shortly before 6.30am today.
British army technical officers were called and removed a number of objects from the Ballylenaghan Heights site for examination.
Police said they had no details of who was responsible at this stage.
Primrose Hill is a new housing development in Carryduff.

Had the device gone off, how many more deaths and shattered relationships would we see around us? We have a long uphill journey ahead and we must keep listening to each other to find a way through.