Daily Archives: June 20, 2007

Changing a Name

In the next week or so you will notice a change on my Blog Roll. I will be ditching Sin-in-Law.

Now calm down, I am not eliminating him altogether just changing his name on the list. After Saturday he will hopefully be still living with my daughter. They have known each other for the past five years and there are no signs of any cracks, so it looks like they are together for the duration. 😉

So how will I introduce him to any of my friends? I could ask for your help with suggestions, but no, I have made up my own mind on this one.

Son-in-Law is so ordinary and used by so many already. I have decided to call George my:


“Why Sun and not Son” I hear you ask.

The reason for my choice is the transformation in Elly when he walks into a room. It is exactly like the sun suddenly appearing from behind a cloud. The room is brighter for his presence and filled with a warm loving glow.

I wish them both, every happiness on their shared journey through married life.