Welcome (Podcast)

Hello come on in you are very welcome.



9 thoughts on “Welcome (Podcast)

  1. Grandad

    Congratulations on your new residence. Very nice, though the smell of fresh paint is a bit strong.

    Don’t mind that Granny Wan above. She’s just jealous.

    Can I have one sugar and a dash of milk in my tea please?

  2. Grannymar

    Thank you, thank you.

    I suppose you want some home made cake as well? Just out of the oven it is still a bit warm.

  3. Grandad

    Just a cup in my hand will be grand, thanks.

    Incidentally, you need to be careful about numbers and brackets on this site. Have you noticed your post “If you still need to be convinced….” below?

    😉 8)

  4. Grannymar

    Thanks Grandad, I saw that and am not sure how to fix it. No doubt I will learn as I go along.

  5. robert

    Best of luck with the new site. I really like the theme. And of course I’m really looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  6. Grannymar

    Thank you Robert, the theme is basic and may change slightly as I grow into it.

    All I need now is the inspiration for Podcasts.


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