Daily Archives: September 7, 2007

The Crown Bar


Back in February I made a Podcast* about the day Nancy came to Town. That day we enjoyed lunch at the Crown Bar in Belfast. This popular bar is the only National Trust-owned pub in Northern Ireland and has been described as the best preserved Victorian pub in the UK.

My podcast inspired Grandad to write about his memories of Belfast.

Crown Interior

I see in the Belfast Telegraph Newspaper this evening that the work on restoration of the building is almost complete. The ceiling hidden for years by a thick nicotine layer has been scraped and the restorers are discovering the beautiful colours beneath.


Project manager Claire McGill said booths, ceiling and tiles have all been given a new lease of life. More than 100 mirrored glass pieces from the snugs have been restored and will be reinstalled this month.

Nancy, come October it might be time for another visit to Belfast.

Now I wonder if these restorers working at the Crown Bar, had a little go at Grandad’s lungs what wonderful colours would they uncover?

* The old Podcast has expired and it is my intention to retell the story and post it at a future date.