Robin Hood was a Saint!

According to todays Breaking News

Pope Benedict XVI today denounced what he called the world’s “profit mindset”.

He warned money can turn people into “blind egoists” and urging the wealthy to share their riches with the poor.

Benedict said life was about making choices between good and bad, between altruism and egoism, honesty and dishonesty.

Ultimately, he said, it was about making the choice between God and Satan.

“Money in itself isn’t ‘dishonest’, but more than any other thing it can close man off into a blind egoism,” Benedict said.

He called for a “conversion” of economic goods, “rather than using them for self-interest, we should also think about the needs of the poor, imitating Christ”.

I particularly like the ” urging the wealthy to share their riches with the poor.”

I wonder if he will lead the way and stand on the steps of St. Peter’s Basilica to distribute the enormous funds of the Catholic Church.

16 thoughts on “Robin Hood was a Saint!

  1. Granny

    Talk about practising what you preach! Don’t you just despise the hypocrisy?
    Don’t get me started. The old blood pressure is going up again!

  2. Nancy


    You have hit my buttons with this post.

    I worked for many years for a large brokerage firm that had holdings on the Main Line of Philadelphia. Very upscale. Think Grant and Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story.

    One slow day my associates and I decided to count up the properties that were owned by the Church.

    We started with Villanova University, St. Joseph’s University,
    The Cardinal’s Mansion, St. Charles Seminary,Villa Maria Academy,Devon Prep School ,on and on Ad Nauseum. Honestly, if I didn’t think I would bore you to death I could name 20 more.

    The total was in the hundreds of millions of dollars. All in one city. Multiply that by hundreds of cities all over the World.
    Staggering wealth……

    About 5 miles away there is a parish that is so poor if you put a dollar in the collection they ask if you want change….

  3. Gaye

    Went to language school in St. Petersburg in Russia. It broke my heart to see the churches adorned with gold everywhere, with all the glamour and grandeur and the poor people walking in, having to donate their Rubles or at least “buying” the candles.
    Grannymar says don’t get me started on this, Nancy says the post hit her buttons.
    All I have to say on this, otherwise I will rant on and on and on, is that modern religions have successfully become organized crime. Uhm ok, /rant on: Use and abuse masses, exploit and suck the blood out of and then send them off to wars in the name of “their respectable and all knowing” God. What’s worse people go to war listening to the idiots who run the religious orders. Add to that the efforts to keep women’s status low in societies, as they are the weaker sex (remember Adam’s rib). Control, politics. It’s no surprise that Vatican has so much gold, money, properties, assets. None of the modern religions is better than the other, the way they are preached and practiced thousand(s) of years. I am not following any religion and book written by the hands of men. I don’t care if God was whispering in their ear or talking to them in their sleep or helping them realize their prophet-like potentials by a number of miracles… Whatever. And Pope the ignorant Benedict XVI is just a hypocritical ass. European Union his and the church’s personal playground… Shit, sorry too much ranting, but Grannymar, this is the kind of topic that would create serious debate, if not cyber fist-fights (normal real life stuff like “my religion beats your religion, I piss further than you”, etc).
    All the lovely people out there, I respect you if you are a believer, have faith and what not. I just have no respect for people who condone the kind of going-ons in the name of religion, at these terrible times challenging all humankind.

  4. Thriftcriminal

    yeahhhhhhh, but, just because he is being an enormous hypocrite doesn’t make what he is saying wrong. I’m not the chap’s biggest fan, but I do also think it is all about choices and I think a lot of aspects of modern life make it all too easy for people to make selfish choices.

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Welcome Thriftcriminal,

    True modern life seems to make us all selfish but, the Pope was reported as “calling for a “conversion” of economic goods, “rather than using them for self-interest, we should also think about the needs of the poor, imitating Christ”.

    How can the Pope who is after all the head of the Catholic Church, tell others to give to the poor when the same church is sitting on a fortune or has it stashed in banks all over the world.

  6. Gary

    …andthe crazy thing is that as soon as a church needs a new bell tower or some new lead for the roof what do they do ?

    Ask the congregation to pay for it.

    Its their bloody asset and they ask perfect strangers to pay for its upkeep – thats why they are the wealthiest landlords in the world – not just the catholic church, ALL churches.

  7. Wisewebwoman

    Gee one of my favourite topics, GM ,and I see Gaye covered a lot of my thoughts, I’m with the rest of ya there too, could rant a whole novel-length on the Great Invisible Cloud Being’s demands on his mortal patriarchy to accumulate so much material wealth in his name as they can gather and never disperse (unless to an abused, betrayed and rubbished altar boy, that is). I saw first hand in Ireland when growing up what this patriarchy did to girls and women particularly and GM, I will blog on this rather than take up any more space on yours….
    Terrific post.


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