Daily Archives: September 26, 2007

Today I was lurking…

Yesterday I was not in love with the BBC weatherman. He reminded us that the temperature had dropped. My bones did not need this reminder as they have been complaining for days. Over the past two days we were visited by heavy rain showers. The mercury dropped drastically before each spell of rain. The unlovable weatherman told us that throughout the UK the temperature had dropped an average of 10ºC in the couple of days. He went on to say that it looked like we had skipped autumn and gone straight into winter.

Today the sun is shining but it is VERY cold. My morning has passed lurking on blogs and chatting to my little Bro in Kangaroo land. “Lucky old you”, I hear you shout. I know some of you think I spend all day glued to my computer. That is not quite true. I work about the house and stop regularly to rest. Today is different.

Since I slept most of the afternoon yesterday due to the effects of a good stiff hot whiskey and some pills, to help ward off the sudden onset of cold or flu type symptoms(I have to shift it fast if I want to make it to PodCamp on Saturday). I awoke to the sound of the phone ringing. It was 6p.m. last time I looked at the clock it was 4.30p.m.

“Hello” I croaked. Oh Dear! I was rumbled. Dr Elly was at the other end of the line. “Mammy you sound dreadful” she said, “I was calling to say I had arranged a dairy free plate for you on Saturday at PodCamp.

Now I felt worse.

People were going out of their way to cater for my needs.

So like a naughty child I listened to the lecture about doing nothing for the next 36 hours and that the house would not fall apart if it is not dusted etc. etc. I have heard it all before, I think I wrote the script! The only trouble is I meant it for everyone else and not for me.

There was nothing for it, keep taking the pills(and the whiskey), and use my time uselessly usefully lurking…

I found myself reading about Happiness on Life Two. I liked the following piece, so I stole it to share with you.


* Happiness is a choice — a choice we make every day.
* Happiness is not a condition of our circumstances or external influences. It is a state of mind and heart.
* Happiness comes most often when we focus on solving other people’s pain and problems as opposed to thinking only of our own.
* Happiness isn’t what we have or who we are. It’s feeling valuable and worthy regardless of our station in life.
* Happiness is within everyone’s reach.

If I live and Dr Elly signs the release papers, I’ll see y’all on Saturday.