Daily Archives: October 3, 2007

Don’t tell her pulllllese….!

Last night I managed to clear the 1182 items in my google reader and went to bed square eyed! Today I opened up the computer to find a couple of hundred fresh items to read, glance over or comment on.

Having dealt with the blogs I moved on to the news items and this one stopped me in my tracks!

Women ‘are facing extinction’ in rural England, leaving thousands of bachelors in crisis.

It was in the Daily Mail so it MUST be true. 😉

Well you all know me. Podcasts of PodCamp Ireland will have to wait. This is far too good an opportunity to miss, can’t have all those lovely toyboys stranded and lonely now can I?

Cover Elly’s eyes if you see her moving in the direction of this blog post. She worries you know!

Back when the panting stops. 🙂