October is…

Reading in the Blog world I am reminded it is Breast Awareness Month.

I am late in starting but like many others I shall add a little pinkness to my blog.


Unlike me, it is Eternal Youth!

4 thoughts on “October is…

  1. Nancy


    You will always be young as long as you keep that wonderful outlook on life that you have.

    What is it you say? Lan’ gra’

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Nancy ‘Lán’ = Full and ‘grá’ = love

    so ‘Lán grá ‘ means: Much love, and that is my wish for everyone!

  3. Ian


    My sister left a breast tumour unattended until collapsing on a flight from Belfast. Three years later she is fighting fit, and although undergoing severe chemo and radiotherapy, never had to face surgery. She would urge everyone now never to avoid things, the truth is rarely as bad as we fear.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Ian, I would agree with you.

    The fear of the Unknown is worse than the knowledge. Cancer is a curse and no respecter of age or sex. Having watched and cared for my soul-mate and several friends who slowly suffered and succumbed, I urge, beg and plead with everyone out there to be checked on a regular basis.


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