Daily Archives: November 3, 2007

An open letter to:

Mr Tony Blair Ex Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and President George W Bush of the United States of America.

Dear Gentlemen,

Together you decided to march into Iraq and start a war. It was not with my consent or permission, and now Mr Blair, you have sailed off into the sunset soon to be joined by your good friend George W. We poor souls are left with the debacle because neither of you have found a way to withdraw without both losing face.

I am paying over and again for this dreadful disaster. Food prices have soared and today I am punished once more. Being old and cold I need plenty of winter fuel to warm my bones. My bungalow is plumbed for oil fired central heating. And as mentioned before I light a real fire for an extra comfort.

Back in February this year I purchased 900 litres of heating oil which cost me Stg£278. Today I bought a further 900 litres and it cost exactly £100 more. Yes, today it cost Stg£378 to keep my tootsies warm for the winter months.

Dear Gentlemen, I am sure that with the goodness of your hearts you will find a way to refund the Stg£378 from either your Salary or pension without missing a cent of it.

Yours sincerely