Daily Archives: November 4, 2007

Should I look for a Lodger?

At times this living alone lark is not much fun.

I have toyed with finding a lodger.

It might be nice to have someone to greet first thing in the morning and last thing at night. A friend to come home to after a days visiting or shopping, who will not ask “Why did you buy that?”

I need a friend, who will accept and eat the food I prepare, encourage me to take more exercise, either scrunching through autumn leaves or playing at the water’s edge on a beach.

Trying to get myself ready for this life changing experience I have added a new picture on my desktop. Please tell me if you approve.


Now I need a name. ‘Sox’, was my first suggestion but that is very ordinary.

I then thought of ‘Sexy Sox’, now that has more of a ring to it!

Oh dear! That will not do either!

Can you imagine me in the park or at the beach calling aloud:

“Here Sexy Sox! Come here Sexy Sox!”

Somehow I don’t think so….