Daily Archives: November 9, 2007

All Hot and Cold

From my kitchen window I can see for twenty miles. Well on Wednesday last it was more like two miles. The clouds were low and the mist was down so far that I lost the view of the Windmills, the Colin, the Ballyboley Hills and indeed anything beyond the town. There are days when I get to see the end of the garden and that is all. Now on the other hand there are mornings that are bright clear and crisp and you feel that you can see forever. Those are the mornings I most enjoy, especially if it is a Sunday. On Sundays the world seems to stop, no traffic, and there is not a sound outside. I love being outside early on those mornings.

In early autumn I love to wake and find a ribbon of mist over the river, yet see the hills beyond it and in the foreground shrubs and bushes with layers of cobwebs twinkling in the early sunshine.

In winter we sometimes have frost that is so heavy, you would think it was a fall of snow. This frost can last for days on end. We live below the snowline so any falls of snow never last very long. The snow we get is not of the greeting card variety it is usually wet snow that quickly changes to slush.

Last year we had a very mild winter, despite the forecast of doom telling us otherwise. We had high summer in March and April that was followed by biblical rain – forty days and forty nights! In fact I think the Good Lord was going for the Guinness Book of Records this year with all the rain we had in Ireland and the UK.

In the last few years we have seen major climatic extremes all over the world. Now is it that with modern technology we are more aware of what is happening as it happens, or is it Global Warming as the powers that be want us to believe, or is it the Good Lord in his dotage (well He is about 2000 years old) playing games with us? After all he made the world, so he can change it whatever way he likes!

Yesterday morning I was checking out The Other side of Sixty and her post lead me to Icecap where I read a most interesting article.

I think you will find it a very interesting post on Global Warming!