Daily Archives: November 18, 2007

Home once More

Grannymar is safely back in the bosom of her oneness, well it beats saying in the emptiness of Grannymar Gables!

On this day last week I heard the sad news of Cherry’s passing and spent most of the day rearranging appointments at this end, packing and preparing to head south. Knowing that I would have little time or access to my blog I set up the posts for the week. Thank you to every one who expressed sympathy or left a comment each day. Normal service should resume today or tomorrow.

I had company for dinner on Friday and they stayed until about 5.30pm yesterday. It was good to have them here and catch up on news that never seems to be passed on in phone calls or emails.

Today will be a quiet day dealing with emails and celebrating the good news of the safe arrival of 3 new babies in recent days. To all the families filled with the wonder and joy that new life brings I send my Congratulations and best wishes.

I hope the following never happens: