Monday Monday.

Here I am back at my own puter and the words are behaving like my singing voice does these days. I open my mouth to sing and nothing – zilch comes out. Now I was never in any doubt of my lack of singing talent, but I always enjoyed singing along with the crowd or the radio.

The left ear is getting worse so if you want to whisper sweet nothings into my shell like, make it the right one. When I answer the phone, I am not greeted with “Good morning Grannymar, how are you?” No I hear “Oh Grannymar that is a dreadful cold you have!” My voice is hoarse and my throat is sore in the mornings.

So before the Elly wan starts nagging, I have phoned the Health Centre. Would you believe it, my GP has no appointments left this year! YES, I did say no appointments left this year. They did offer to ask her to phone me and she did within half an hour. She said it would be a good idea to be seen today so she gave me an appointment to see someone else this afternoon.

I wonder if they can do head transplants yet? If not I might ask if the do shotguns on the NHS. I have to do something ’cause it is very waring having to remember to keep the Toy boy on my right side.

So when next you hear from me I might be topless. Now that would make an interesting picture me driving home topless with my head on the passenger seat. Do you think the head will need a seatbelt?

Sing among yourselves for now….

15 thoughts on “Monday Monday.

  1. admin

    Good girl you. Love the fact that you tell me here in writing so that you don’t need to try and listen to me!

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Hello Admin! Have you changed your name again? 😉

    I am back and still have my head plus pills & potions!!!!

    The linctus says not advisable for alcoholics! Hic!

    Talk later xxxx

  3. steph

    GM – I’m very glad to hear you took yourself off for an MOT today. Proper order. We need to protect our heritage for the good of the nation!

    Your GP must be very popular to be so booked up. Are you meant to know when you’re going to be ill or do you pre-book appointments JUST IN CASE you need to see her 😉

    Anyway, I hope you’ll soon be restored to full voice and in your usual tip top form. Go easy please 🙂

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Steph, My GP is excellent and always busy, yes she never rushes me and she really listens and takes in the full picture.

    I have a short podcast for tomorrow but it was prepared a couple of weeks ago.

    I am sitting by the fire right now but intend heading for beddy byes early tonight.

  5. steph

    My GP was very similar – but he had to semi-retire a few years ago as was burnt-out from giving so much to so many. My husband says I was the cause 😉

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s pre-prepared treat. Sleep well!

  6. Nancy

    Hello Grannymar,

    Just checking in from daughter, Carol’s.

    Hope you are allright and feel better after seeing the Doctor,

    Will be in touch when I get back home on Saturday.

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Cyber, Me on the Radio!!!!!!

    Are you mad? I am only good for talking to the wall.

    Thanks for the compliment. >—(((^_^)))—< hugs.


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