Daily Archives: November 25, 2007

Dish the Dirt

Where do you eat breakfast, snacks, and lunch?

Now be honest how often do you eat at your computer terminals.

AOL collected the dust, dirt and organic debris accumulating beneath the keys of a keyboard in a typical London office for a month. They discovered that computer keyboards are accumulating up to two grams of muck every month.

Personal grooming done at the terminal also contributes to the buildup of gunge, so stop picking at that spot or your nose and leave your hair alone!

Now look at what they found:

Corn Flakes (15%)

Boiled sweet (15%)

Noodles (7%)

Vegetable pieces (4%)

Leaf (1%)

Pencil shavings (1%)

Staple (1%)

Finger nail (<1%)

Tape/plastic (<1%)

Insect (<1%)

Foil (<1%)

Hair (<1%)
Various particles resembling cereal grains, biscuit crumbs, bread crumbs, pastry flakes and chocolate crumbs (56%)

Do people still use pencils?


Perhaps one of these might fit in on a list or in a stocking!


This amazing flexible keyboard is manufactured in durable silicone enabling it to be rolled up. The keyboard has soft and comfortable keys that respond exceptionally quick to finger strokes and its waterproof, dust proof and coffee proof making it an ideal keyboard extreme locations.
I found it on USBNow.co.uk