Daily Archives: December 1, 2007

Today I was stuck for words

Being stuck for words today I decided it might try out this meme. At this stage you all know the rules because it has been going around for some time!

The answers have to start with the first letter of your name:

1. What is your name? Marie, but I prefer Grannymar

2. 4 letter word: Muck

3. Vehicle: Mercedes Benz

4. City: Milan

5. Boy Name: Michael

6. Girl Name: Muriel

7. Alcoholic drink: Martini

8. Occupation: Magistrate

9. Something you wear: Muffler

10. Celebrity: Helen Mirren

11. Food: Mango

12. Something found in a bathroom: Moisturiser

13. Reason for Being Late: Memory loss (handy at my age)!

14. Cartoon Character: Minnie Mouse

15. Something You Shout: Mammy!

16. Animal: Moose

17. Body part: Mouth

18. Music style: Motet

19. Word to describe you: Motherly

20. Ideal gift: A happy Memory