Today I was stuck for words

Being stuck for words today I decided it might try out this meme. At this stage you all know the rules because it has been going around for some time!

The answers have to start with the first letter of your name:

1. What is your name? Marie, but I prefer Grannymar

2. 4 letter word: Muck

3. Vehicle: Mercedes Benz

4. City: Milan

5. Boy Name: Michael

6. Girl Name: Muriel

7. Alcoholic drink: Martini

8. Occupation: Magistrate

9. Something you wear: Muffler

10. Celebrity: Helen Mirren

11. Food: Mango

12. Something found in a bathroom: Moisturiser

13. Reason for Being Late: Memory loss (handy at my age)!

14. Cartoon Character: Minnie Mouse

15. Something You Shout: Mammy!

16. Animal: Moose

17. Body part: Mouth

18. Music style: Motet

19. Word to describe you: Motherly

20. Ideal gift: A happy Memory

10 thoughts on “Today I was stuck for words

  1. steph

    Grannymar – I can never resist a challenge!

    1. What is your name? STEPH

    2. 4 letter word: SEXY

    3. Vehicle: SKODA

    4. City: SIENNA

    5. Boy Name: SIMON

    6. Girl Name: SAMANTHA

    7. Alcoholic drink: SHANDY

    8. Occupation: SOLICITOR

    9. Something you wear: SHOES

    10. Celebrity: Rod STEWART

    11. Food: SALAD

    12. Something found in a bathroom: SOAP

    13. Reason for Being Late: SLOW

    14. Cartoon Character:SCOOBY DOO

    15. Something You Shout: SH*T!

    16. Animal: SIAMESE cat

    17. Body part: SINUS !!!

    18. Music style: SAMBA

    19. Word to describe you: SCRUMPTIOUS!

    20. Ideal gift: a SMILE 🙂

    Do I pass?

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Steph you pass with flying colours as does Hails at Coffee helps, she did it on her own blog.

  3. Nancy

    What is your name? Nancy

    4 letter word: nice

    Vehicle: Nissan

    City: Naples

    Boy’s name: Norman

    Girl’s name: Natalie

    Alcoholic Drink: Rusty NAIL

    Occupation: Newspaper Reporter

    Something you wear: Nightie

    Celebrity: Liam NEESON

    Food: Noodles

    Something found in the bathroom: Nail polish

    Reason for being late: NOT up yet

    Cartoon Character: Nellie Bly

    Something you shout: “NUTS”

    Animal: Night Owl

    Body Part: Neurons

    Music Style : Norrie Paramour (I dug deep for that one)

    Word to describe you: Natural

    Ideal gift: Night at the theatre…….

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Ian I have never heard of a Killinchy muffler.
    Is it good or bad?

    Primal did you have your name changed by deed pole just to avoid a meme! 😉

  5. Ian

    Is a Killinchy muffler good or bad?

    I s’pose it wud depen’ if it was a fella ye liked!

    (It was explained to me as being an East Down term for a big hug)


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