Christmas Drink

Years ago a friend of mine prepared this recipe for his annual Christmas drinks party. The fact that I am unable to partake of this dairy products overload does not prevent me from sharing it with you.


While you are sipping, why not share a favourite of yours.

Egg NogEgg Nog

6 eggs separated

¾ pint double Cream

¾ pint Milk

½ pint Brandy

3 tblsps Rum

6 ozs Sugar


Beat the egg whites until almost stiff enough to hold peak. Add sugar gradually, beat until stiff but not dry. Beat the egg yolks until thick. Stir in milk, brandy, and rum and blend well.

Whip the cream until stiff and fold into egg-milk mixture. Fold in beaten egg whites. Keep chilled.

Sprinkle nutmeg on top when serving.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Drink

  1. Nancy


    I know you are supposed to know which drink to serve with which entree… So, my question to you is… Does this eggnog concoction go with Buffalo Dung?

    Remember, I have an ample supply of Buffalo Dung….

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Nancy ~ After a couple of Egg Nogs, food is the least of your concerns, or so I am told!

    Betty ~ I’ll have the Nog without the egg please!

    AnonyBird ~ Welcome to the my part of the World. 9am on a clear (for once) Sunday morning and we have 0°C. The real Flu drinks were in ‘I have a Headache in my Tummy’! Enjoy.


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