I am in a muddle

Today I was sorting the gifts that I bought for my good friends this Christmas. I did not have a great deal of time for shopping last week and I have to admit to being a little flustered and mixed up at this stage.

I need your help please!

Below are the gifts that I purchased. Can you sort which gift is most suitable for each of my friends?


My friends are all in my Blogroll, you decide for me who gets which gift.

Now, no rushing, pushing or fighting please!

You are allowed select a gift for yourself of course, but you must say which one and why.

11 thoughts on “I am in a muddle

  1. chrisb

    Now I would be grateful for any gift but a walk in the country would be nice but then I would need a dog to take and maybe a glass of bubbly to help me on my way ~ not that I’m greedy or anything!!

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Chris, you forgot the kisses from Embee with the warmed slippers for your return, followed by a meal from the Hamper!

  3. steph

    Oh Grannymar…who’s a hard taskmaster now!

    I used to be indecisive but now I’m not so sure 🙁

    The bubbly is a must for Baino and the kisses would go down well there too.

    The doggie would be well-loved by Nonny (Anonymous) but then Nonny might prefer the books for her studies?

    I think I’ll leave Headrambles and Twenty Major to fight over the pints! Grandad doesn’t give tourists any warning so the sign’s not needed there.

    The cuddly toy (Eeyore) could go to Robert’s wee Lucas.

    I’d say the wine would be welcome at K8’s and Elly’s so you may have to split that one. You could always take the one out of the hamper to even things up.

    Nancy would probably make good use of the notebook for her stories as she still doesn’t have her own blog to store them in!

    The sterling would’ve come in handy to pay my medical bills in the UK but as I’ve already settled those, I suggest you hang on to your loot and put it towards your next heating bill.

    For me…I think I like surprises best!

    btw I’d give the cat bath to the owner of the moggy below 🙂

  4. Will

    Well I can only comment on the bloggers I read so assume kisses and surprises for everyone I leave out.

    * Donncha – Cuddly toy (not for him but for the little lad)
    * Edgecast Media – I think the pints, but the slippers might go down well
    * ellybabes – books (and I’m sure you’ll throw in the kisses for free)
    * George – kisses (and I’m sure you’ll throw in the books for free)
    * gingerpixel – The wine. Or is that RedMum?
    * Head Rambles – The Garden sign, but that might ruin his fun.
    * Holy Shmoly! – The cuddly toy again
    * Intruders.TV Ireland – The walk in the country, and more importantly, the time to take it
    * Letters from the idiot – I’m torn between the cash and the hamper. For me christmas is an unadorned-by-christmas-lights-garden and a full fridge.
    * Robert Sweetnam – given the new arrival , cuddly toy again
    * Twenty Major – The concertina. Interesting to see if the cat kills it or mates with it. I suspect the recording would sell too.

  5. robert

    – The money for yourself Grannymar!

    – I’d give the yellow duck slippers to Grandad! Not sure why but I think they might go with his beard. That would be some sight!

    – The wine for K8 and the bubbly for Baino.

    – The cuddly toy for Adam (Donncha’s son).

    – The surprise gift for Steph.

    – The hamper for Will as that is what he said he would like.

    – The garden plants for Primal Sneeze, they might bring on some hayfever for more sneezing.

    – And finally I agree with Will, the concertina would be perfect for Twenty. You could imagine him playing it in the corner of Rons! Or maybe somewhere on Grafton Street.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    I like all the suggestions but the best so far is Grandad wearing yellow duck slippers as he shares pints and busks with Twenty on the Concertina somewhere on Grafton Street.

  7. Ian

    Hi Grannymar,

    Baino needs the money to pay for the new camera and Grandad needs a few kisses to cheer him up after his grouch on Saturday

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Ian, Sure Baino can have the money for the camera.

    Since you are closer to grandad than I am, will you pass on the kisses?

  9. Baino

    Bags the bubbly! For obvious reasons but can you throw in six flutes with that because I’ve broken all the ones I got last Christmas. K8 gets the silly slippers, because she’ll prolly wear them to the pub. You get the puppy – you know you want one!. Grandad the trespassers sign because I need to know when I’m close to being shot. My namesake Nelly gets the flowers for her lovely garden of course since you neglected to by a 32B Bra. Brianf at Rantings Diversified gets the consatina for his Porch Songs. Ian gets the books cos he’s a learned friend. Jefferson needs the notebook for his poetry. Nonny probably could do with a tool set to fix her roof. Steph needs some kisses cos she’s put up with so much shite Conortje needs the Guinnes because I don’t think they sell it in the Netherlands and I’m ashamed to say, I haven’t visited any other bloggers on your roll so they’ll have to argue over the rest!

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Baino, things are hotting up here with all the advice. I think I might need to lie down again for a day or two!


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