Daily Archives: December 12, 2007

Thank you Marconi!

Do you remember 1895? Well old and all as I appear, and never mind what Elly says, I don’t remember it either. I am sixty and not 112! So what am I going on about?

Guglielmo Marconi an Italian inventor proved the feasibility of radio communication when he sent and received his first radio signal in Italy in 1895.

By 1899 he flashed the first wireless signal across the English Channel and two years later received the letter “S”, telegraphed on 12th December 1901, from England to Newfoundland. The signal was sent via a 160ft/52m aerial in Cornwall, England, and Marconi received it at St John’s, Newfoundland, where they used an even higher aerial kept aloft by a kite. This was the first successful transatlantic radiotelegraph message. At the time the feat was applauded on both sides of the Atlantic.

So today, the 12th December as we phone, text, blog, podcast and Skype to one another across the world, may we not take it for granted but celebrate the life, vision and the work of Guglielmo Marconi!