Daily Archives: January 11, 2008

New Disease

I discovered I have a new disease. Fortunately it is intermittent and hopefully not terminal. The symptoms hit like irritable bowel syndrome, when you least expect it, and it is a case of all or nothing. Wednesday was a nothing day. Thursdays are fine now since I managed to have a particular focus for them. The other six days are the difficult ones.

I don’t think it is contagious, because I have not come across anyone else suffering from this condition. I now realise that it has been ongoing for several months and I am not sure how to cure it right now. I have tried a change of routine and different applications to help alleviate the problem.

At this stage the best remedy is Windows Live Writer, because when the syndrome is all go I can prepare blog posts and postdate them. I realise this revelation is not what you want to hear as you think I sit here with nothing else to do but provide advice, entertainment or witty little quips ad infinitum.

Suggestions of how to increase my flow are always welcome.