Daily Archives: January 14, 2008

Doctor, Doctor…

I heard a Dr speaking the other day about a patient presenting with very straight forward symptoms for tennis elbow.

The patient assured the GP that he never in his life played tennis and that he hated to even watch the game.

A long discussion ensued about lifestyle and exercise. Then the Doctor asked the patient to describe in detail how he had spent the last week. Eureka!

Now let me digress for a moment…

The ‘must have’ gift at Christmas this year, from what I hear, was the Wii. I know a few people who did get a Wii with a couple of these as well.

Wii Remotes

Wii Remotes, so it is possible to play with both hands!

Now back to the Doctor, his patient and the Eureka moment. The patient did get a Wii for Christmas and now on top of that he has the newest version of RSI – now to be known as Wii Elbow!

So tell me did you get a wee Wii lately? Try to put it down for a while every now and then and do as I am often told – get a life!

Noses and Nails

You learn something everyday and last night I discovered that sneezing on different days of the week was once believed to have a bearing on your future.

This little saying is a new one to me:

Sneeze on a Monday, you sneeze for danger;

Sneeze on a Tuesday, you kiss a stranger;

Sneeze on a Wednesday, you sneeze for a letter;

Sneeze on a Thursday, for something better;

Sneeze on a Friday, you sneeze for sorrow;

Sneeze on a Saturday, your sweetheart tomorrow;

Sneeze on a Sunday, your safety seek,

The Devil will have you the whole of the week.


People were supposed to cut their nails on a Monday in preference to any other day of the week. Sunday was the least propitious day to do it, because that was the day when the Devil cut his nails.

This old rhyme offers advice:

Cut nails on Monday, cut them for health

Cut them on Tuesday, cut them for wealth

Cut them on Wednesday, cut them for news

Cut them on Thursday, a pair of new shoes

Cut them on Friday, cut them for sorrow

Cut them on Saturday, see your true love tomorrow

But cut them on Sunday, your safety seek

For Old Nick’ll have you, the rest of the week.