Is this Saturday?

One of the problems about not going out to work is that you have to think about what day it is. One day becomes just like any other.

For once the rain has stopped and we have a very weak sun in the sky.

The birds have stripped my Cotoneaster trees of their abundance of berries and I am left with what they didn’t eat and what they did all over the patio! It is not a pretty picture!

Time to don the wellies and go clear up.

7 thoughts on “Is this Saturday?

  1. Grandad

    It must be Saturday because there is no one drilling with jack hammers next door, or throwing concrete blocks around.

    Oh, the peace of it!! I can listen to the birds singing. 🙂

  2. steph

    Grey skies here Grannymar but at least it’s lovely and mild.

    We’re besieged with seagulls where I live but they’re better known as sh*tehawks for obvious reasons!

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Grandad ~ it is Saturday, I know ’cause there are very few bloggers about!

    Steph ~ the sun lasted ten minutes and the air is damp. I managed to clear up bucket loads of Yuck! Now I need a rest!

  4. chrisb

    We had rain all day it never let up for a second. You obviously fared better being able to get in the garden even if the sun didn’t last long!

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Chris it is 8.40 pm and we have had rain for an hour or more. The patio is much cleaner now. When sweeping up I came across two watering cans under the plinth of oil tank. It is not watertight in there but well sheltered, both cans had almost 2 gallons of water in them – shows how much rain we have had recently.

  6. Baino

    Ha! It’s been pouring here all week but today is warm and breezy. Yum, sticky berry poo .. . better you than me! Oi! I’m always about on Saturday um except it’s Sunday, confused yet?

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Baino, sticky berry poo cleared for this year! Will remember about the Saturdays! No point in having Skype and not using it. 😉


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