Daily Archives: January 25, 2008

Coming, going ready or not…

I was listening talking to Elly the other day making arrangements for my next visit. We do this on a regular basis, talk that is. ‘Visit’ arrangements are something else altogether. You see, in my head I want to go here and do this that and the other, while my body says NO WAY!

All my social arrangements both at home and away are prefixed with ‘IF’. I continually have to remind my head that the body is not thirty years of age anymore. Alas, the body rules. There are mornings when the thoughts of how I will feel after a shower, are what gets me out of the bed! There are some days when that is not enough either. Some days I start off well and suddenly I am drained of energy. The best way to describe it is a feeling that someone has pulled the stopper and the energy drains away like water in a sink. My colour goes with it and I need to SIT DOWN right there and then. Elly & George are used to this happening and quietly deal with me. I knew there would be a bonus of having a strong, solid and good looking Son-in-Law to lean on! 😉

I have to keep going, so I make plans with an ‘if’. “I would love to come…if.” “Certainly I will go…if.” You get the picture.


Now I want to travel down for the Irish Blog Awards to rub flesh with my virtual friends and meet more new ones. It is an easy one for me to attend because it is held in a nice room with comfortable seating and space to move around. The seats are not pre-booked so if I need to cancel it is not a problem. If I don’t turn up somebody else will use the seat.

I have not put my name on any list to attend the meet-ups before or after the big night, because I hate to say I will go somewhere that requires having space booked for me, and cause expense only to discover at the last moment that my health won’t let me attend.




So Sabrina, Red Mum and Deborah please excuse me and I hope all the events are a wonderful success.