Today I was touched

Today I was touched! Touched and touched!

That may sound peculiar to you, but it is the truth.

First off I had lunch with some of my ex work colleagues. Unusual for me I was 10 minutes late. They waited patiently and we soon made up for lost time with plenty of chat. We shared our news and caught up on various happenings in our families over the past few months. I brought Elly & George’s wedding book and K had photos of her first grandchild born in November. In all I met and spoke to ten people.

The craic was good and we laughed plenty.

Before I left, one of my friends touched me!

She hugged me as she said goodbye. ‘So what is wrong with that’ I hear you ask. Absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. It was in fact the first time I touched another living soul this year. The last time I had someone cross my threshold or physically touch me was on Christmas Eve morning. Yes, Elly & George hugged me several times before they left to travel to Abbeyleix for Christmas day.

Tonight I am touched in a very different way.

Elly phoned me…. Irish Blog Awards nomination lists are filtering through. Apparently my name appears for Best Personal Blog 2008 with 71 talented contenders. If that is not enough Grannymar appears amongst the 136 listed for Best Blog I do not expect to get any further. I am deeply honoured to reach this point and wish all the best to all those mentioned, and commiserations to anyone that feels disappointment.

Virtual hugs to one and all!

11 thoughts on “Today I was touched

  1. Bano

    Aww Grannymar. I just want to come over and give you a big squeeze. I’ve been lucky to have lots of hugs this week. My best friend has a ‘seven second hug’ rule. If I’m feeling down she’ll just hang on – none of this pat on the back and on your way and my sister’s a big hugger too so I’m very lucky. Well done on the nomination. Well deserved, particularly for your reminiscences of a time gone by and you’re the most loyal of commenters. I hope you’re elevated to the top ten. (Then you’ll just have to go to the soiree!) I’ll send you one of those tricycles with a little flag!

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Nancy ~ Thank You.

    Sneezy ~ I left that ‘touched’ out on purpose I am a life member!

    Baino/Bano ~ I am a natural ‘huggy’ person. Jack never crossed the room without touching me in some way, a hug, a squeeze, a gentle caress of my face or a pat on the bottom. I have to admit I miss that. E&G are huggers, but alas the people round DON’T!
    Look at the list; very eminent writers who ooze magic from their fingertips. I am a bluffer compared to most of them.

    Gary ~ Thank you for the hugs, and mind the €’s. 😉

  3. Ian

    Grannymar, One of the things I noticed moving south is that people in Dublin are much more tactile than in the North. Handshakes and hugs and kisses are frequent here. I noticed in Austria that even the English are becoming much more continental, I met an English woman with whom I had skied last year and it was automatic to exchange kisses.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Very true Ian, I notice that when I return from a couple of days in the south my arms and shoulders ache. It is from all the hugging. Roll on March!


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