Food Monday ~ Grannymar’s Chocolate Cake

This recipe is very quick and easy using the all-in-one method. I have no recollection of where I got it, but it has always disappeared quickly. Requests to bake it for school teachers’ birthdays, youth fellowship, mother’s union and family gatherings were as regular as night following day. I have at times served it for dessert with Maud’s Pooh Bear Ice Cream.

A word of warning: Don’t tell Elly you are baking it or she will appear from nowhere with a hungry look on her face!

Chocolate Cake
Preheat oven to 190ºC

175gr Butter
175gr Dark brown sugar
4 Eggs beaten
100gr Self Raising Flour
1 level tsp baking powder
1 tsp honey
100gr Drinking Chocolate
1 dessertspoon milk
A few drops vanilla Essence

Whisk together and pour into a well greased Ring Tin and bake for 30-35 minutes. Cool for a few minutes in tin. Turn out and when cold decorate with icing.

For icing:
4 Mars bars chopped
4 squares Dark Chocolate
1 tablespoons milk

Melt over hot water not boiling, stirring all the time, then spoon over the cake.
No licking the bowl unless you are Five!

28 thoughts on “Food Monday ~ Grannymar’s Chocolate Cake

  1. steph

    Thanks! Grannymar

    That’s what you call a ‘wicked’ cake! 😀

    If you have a little ‘o’ after the 5, can you lick the bowl? 😉

  2. elly parker

    I just realised last week that Maud’s Pooh Bear Ice Cream is actually sold as POOR Bear Ice Cream in Tesco in ROI. Wonder why they changed the name? Copyright issues maybe?

  3. Deborah

    Sounds delicious. The icing sounds incredible. Mars bars? Yum! The husband would love it. Sadly, am on Weight Watchers right now… no cake for me! ;-(

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Girls I forgot about lent, but you need some temptation!
    I don’t eat chocolate cake every day and I may not make it for months….. Ordered more heating oil and paid car insurance this morning.

    Would anyone have an old cap I could borrow….. ‘Do.. re.. miii!

  5. Natalie

    Pure evil, I am desperately trying to shrug off those 4 pounds that managed to sneak their way on while I was not looking! My weight watchers leader will ban me from visiting if she ever finds out!!! LOL 😉

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Now I feel bad. I should have posted Lough Derg Soup…. Boiling water with pepper and salt!

    Lough Derg is one of the oldest places of pilgrimage in Ireland and one of the few remaining penitential pilgrimages. It lies about four miles north of the village of Pettigo in County Donegal. Station Island, the location of the Pilgrimage, is often referred to as Saint Patrick’s Purgatory or simply Lough Derg.

    The classic Lough Derg Pilgrimage lasts for three days. The pilgrim undertakes to begin fasting at midnight on the first day and travels to the island by boat during that morning. Once there, they remove all footwear – for the pilgrimage is undertaken barefoot.

    The pilgrim then begins a series of “Stations” – a series of prayers – gestures – walking – kneeling – all conducted in silence, with an all-night Vigil of prayer – repeating the “Stations”. The Pilgrimage requires great frugality in eating and drinking – only one meal of black tea or coffee and dry toast is permitted on each day. Even when the pilgrim departs, they commit themselves to continue the fast until midnight that day.

  7. Baino

    Aha . . .a cake even I could bake. All in ones are good. Creaming butter and suger is bad. I’m a great cook but a poor baker. I dont know how you stay so thin!

  8. poor bear delights

    mauds icecream was once called Pooh bear but due to the name that people loved and still loves today they had to change due to walt disney. It’s now known as poor bear delights. Yum Yum in my tum.

    Could I ask! where in the south of Ireland you’re from?

  9. Grannymar Post author

    poor bear delights,

    Thank you for the story behind the change of name. Are you a member of the company?

    Originally from Dublin, but I have lived in Co Antrim for the past 32 years.

  10. John

    Hiya No, I work in a mauds independed retail shop.
    Di you try the hot waffles? one word “beautiful”. Two scoops of your choice of icecream on plain, chocolate or cinommon hot waffle and your choice of sauce Hmmmm…. yummy.

    I’m in the magherafelt area where we sell mauds.

    I’m also partime flyer designer and printing plus a photographer wedding receptions, formals, birthday, christenings etc…
    My e-flyer is attacthed to this comment if your looking more information on my.

    by the way I was really looking for mauds website and your blog was in amoung evrything mauds haha.

  11. John

    my wife is looking to know if you know of any good recipies for cookies. her cookies that she made were very hard but not burnt
    and the taste was nothing good I tell’ya. She reckons that the one she followed is wrong and reckons it’s missing an ingrediant or two.

  12. Grannymar Post author


    I do have ice cream occasionally, unfortunately I am not supposed to eat it. The wafflews sound nice. Now no more advertising please.

    About the cookies, I wonder if your wife left them in the oven to long. Cookies should be soft when removed from the oven and allowed to rest on the baking tray to cool a little before removing them to a wire rack. If you check the tag cloud on the left and click on the word recipes it should bring up the recipes I have covered in the past.

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