Daily Archives: February 29, 2008

Forgotten your Skills?

Will sent me a link about Obsolete Skills I was fascinated. I deleted about half of them, mainly the tekkie ones. AND the one about Cave Wall Painting. Huh! I certainly don’t go that far back! 😡

I hope I cut all the repeats, but I have done all of these 109 things at least once!!

Now if my list is not enough you can always go back to the Blog Post.

Adjusting rabbit ears on top of a TV

Adjusting a television’s horizontal and vertical holds

Adjusting a television’s color and hue adjustments

Adjusting a clock’s pendulum

Analogue radio listening and tuning in

Calculating a square root using pencil and paper

Calculating sales tax?


Cash Register used manually entering the prices

Changing the ball or ribbon on your Selectric Typewriter

Cleaning the balls inside a computer mouse for better traction

Clicking on the up and down arrows of a vertical scrollbar

Counting back change

Operate a credit card imprinter (click-clack)

Cursive handwriting

Darning a sock

Faxing a document

Focusing a camera


Getting off the couch to change channels on your TV set?

Getting to know your neighbors?

Going outside? (instead of editing pointless Wikis) 😆

Hand crank a car to start it

Hand lettering large signs


Having Cash

Having your gas pumped for you and your oil checked at a full-service gas station

Knowing what part of town someone lives in by their phone exchange

Licking stamps or envelopes?

Lighting a kerosene lamp

Loading a reel to reel tape drive

Long-Distance Phone Calling

Long division

Look for a job in the classifieds

Looking up a business on the yellow pages

Making an operator assisted phone call

Making change in shillings and pence

Manually loading ink on a fountain pen from an bottle

Map Reading


Memorizing Multiplication Tables

Mailing in the order form of a catalog?

Operating an agitator washing machine and clothes ringer

Operating an Overhead Projector

Paying with cash?

Peeling the developer layer off a Polaroid?

Peeling back a lid from an sardine can with a key?

Percolating coffee

Playing marbles?

Polaroid photography

Putting a needle on a vinyl record

Quill Sharpening

Reading a dictionary or encyclopedia

Reading a paper map

Reading a Sundial?

Reckoning arithmetic without aid?

Remembering passwords

Remembering telephone numbers

Repairing small appliances? (replaced element in the Iron)

Replacing Shoe Sole and Heels

Rewinding an audio cassette using a Bic pen*

Ripping the little holes off the sides of the computer paper

Rolling down the car window

Selling something in the Classified Ads?

Sending a letter

Sending a telegram?

Sharpening a pencil

Starching a removable collar?


Starting a car that has a manual choke

Thinking for oneself

Ticket Conductors on Buses?

Operating a Treadle Sewing Machine

Trim the wick on an oil lamp?

Tuning a radio

Typing and sending a telex?

Untangling the cord of a telephone?

Using a beer can opener

Using a bit and brace?

Using a bottle opener?

Using an ink blotter

Using an abacus

Using a compass

Using a fax machine

Using a flash bulb?

Using a fountain pen

Using a light pen

Using a Logarithm Table?

Using a manual choke in cold weather

Using a party-line telephone

Using a pay telephone

Using a pay toilet

Using a scythe

Using a slide rule

Using a Typewriter?

Using carbon paper to make copies

Using correction fluid

Using a mangle to dry clothes?

Walking long distances

Washing clothes with a washboard?

Watching a slide show with a slide projector

Wearing a girdle

Wearing a hat

Whipping cream with a whisk

Winding a watch or clock

Winding up loose cassette tape with a pencil eraser before putting the cassette in the deck

Worrying about important things?

Writing email whilst offline and going online to send

Writing using a dip pen and powder to dry up the ink?