Daily Archives: March 4, 2008

Not Home Yet

It is Tuesday morning in a cold but sunny Dublin suburb and I have a few minutes to play on my blog. So much has happened since this time last week. I, at that point was still on the long, short list for The Irish Blog Awards!

So exactly what happened in the week?

1. Finally after 30 years in Northern Ireland I became an Orange woman! 😉

2. I was given a red carpet welcome to Dublin.

3. I was dipped, stripped and went a step further than Cleopatra!

4. I had a Toyboy for dinner.

5. I shared a stage with Grandad.

6. I had Toyboys falling to their knees and shared a couch with Twenty Major!


Now if it is details you want you will have to wait for my return to home territory. And I plead with all of you not to mention VODKA!!!!!!! 😆


We don’t ask to be born and have no choice of the lifestyle we are born into. Some of us are fortunate to be the result of a loving, caring relationship, while others are not so lucky. For some of us the start is easy with plenty of food, water and all the creature comforts we need. While there are other children born to poverty that quickly learn to beg or steal in order to live. Then there are children born as the result of greed, lust or rape.

I worked with a lovely well mannered young girl years ago from the North Coast of Ireland. Alice (not her real name) moved south for the job and was enjoying her new life in Dublin, away from home for the first time and sharing a flat with a couple of pals. One weekend the girls were invited to a party. Alice did go, but alas she didn’t remember any details about it the next day or even later the next week. Drink had been consumed, something she was not used to before hitting the Big Smoke. She accepted the teasing for a week or two, but it had well faded by the time Alice discovered she was pregnant following that one drunken night. She had no recollection of the man involved. She did tell her parents and although they were shocked and upset for her, they provided the necessary support.

Alice continued to work for as long as she could. Being young and healthy she coped well. About 7 months into the pregnancy there was a shock! The baby was not alone! Alice was expecting triplets! With this news she returned home to her parents and I later heard the babies were all delivered safely. News filtered through for a few months but like so many instances in life, I was engrossed in my own family and lost all touch. I often thought of Alice over the years and wonder how she coped. The children would be in their late twenties now.

So if you think you are the best thing since sliced pan, and that nothing can go wrong, step back, take a breather and think! To find a fault is easy; to do better may be difficult.